Assessing cost-effectiveness of glaucoma treatments with Glau-U


Assessing cost-effectiveness of glaucoma treatments with Glau-U

January 5, 2022
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Published in JAMA Ophthalmology, a high impact and well-respected journal in Ophthalmology, the PROMinsight team have developed a new instrument known as Glau-U, a valid glaucoma-specific utility that can estimate utility weights associated with glaucoma and related vision impairment.


Developed using novel discrete choice experiment methodology, Glau-U can estimate utilities across the spectrum of glaucoma and glaucoma-related vision impairment severity. In a cross-sectional study more than 300 adults with mild, moderate, or advanced glaucoma in Singapore, Glau-U utilities decreased as glaucoma severity increased, demonstrating reductions of up to 41% in quality-adjusted life-years compared with glaucoma suspects.

Glau-U can be used in assessment of cost-effectiveness of glaucoma treatments, and may also be useful in informing resource allocation policies for glaucoma and vision loss.


Glau-U has received strong support by clinicians, with Prof Tina Wong, Head and Senior Consultant in the Glaucoma Service at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), stating that, “the Glau-U is an exciting development in the field of public health and health economics research as it allows researchers, clinicians and decision-makers to compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of traditional and novel glaucoma treatments from the patient’s perspective and, importantly, to optimize patient care and quality of life.”


There is also considerable interest in the field of health economics, as noted by Ehrlich and Schehlein in an invited commentary on the Glau-U publication in JAMA Ophthalmology who state, “The Glau-U is an innovative step forward in considering the value of new treatment options for glaucoma” and it “highlights several key areas for future research.”

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